Where is the conference venue?
A: The conference will be staged in two different locations across the two days. The first day will be at the Sydney Law School, University of Sydney. The second day will be at Dunmore Lang Conference Centre, Macquarie University. The addresses of both venues, and clickable Google Maps links, are on the Program page. Additional information: Getting to Sydney Law School map.

How do I get to the Sydney Law School on the first day?
A: The conference is at the main University of Sydney campus (Camperdown/Darlington) and the nearest train station is Redfern. The Law School is a 10-15 minute walk from the station. See the Sydney Trains Network map, or for information go to the Sydney Trains web site. Alternatively, catch any of a number of buses to Sydney University, which stop on either Paramatta Road or City Road, and walk over to the conference venue (5-10 minutes).

How do I get to Dunmore Lang Conference Centre on the second day?
A: Dunmore Lang Conference Centre is a short walk from Macquarie University train station. For people staying in the city, trains to Macquarie University leave from platform 16 at Central Station and call at Town Hall and Wynyard Stations. Visitors staying at the Harbourview Hotel in North Sydney can join the train at North Sydney Station which is next to the hotel. See the Sydney Trains Network map, or for information go to the Sydney Trains web site. Note: don’t get off at Macquarie Park station, but wait till you get to Macquarie University, which is the next station. Alternatively, you can catch any of a number of buses to Macquarie University, and again walk over to the conference venue.

Getting around on public transport in Sydney.
Sydney has a well-developed public transport system that includes trains, light rail, and buses. To get around Sydney on public transport you’ll need to get an Opal card and top it up with credit (you can do this at a newsagent at the airport; if you plan to catch the train to and from the airport and then use public transport while in Sydney then a $50 credit top up is probably what you want), and each time you use public transport tap on as you get on, and tap off as you get off — this will deduct the correct amount from your Opal card for the cost of the journey. Public transport is substantially cheaper than a taxi or Uber, and often it is also a lot quicker as traffic can be very heavy in Sydney. Unless you’re planning to share the cost of a taxi or Uber with someone, the cheapest (and probably fastest) way to get to and from Sydney Airport is by train. There are two train stations right beneath Sydney Airport, one for the domestic terminal and one for the international terminal, and the trip will cost you around AUD 17 (other trips on public transport are cheaper). For more information, see the NSW Transport Opal Card web site.

Where should I stay while I’m in Sydney?
Because the conference is held at two different venues, there is no specific location that is closest to the conference venue. However, there are certainly some nicer areas where you can stay while in Sydney. Your mileage may vary, so please treat the following as a highly opinionated recommendation, but as a starting point you might find this annotated map useful as a guide for where to book your accommodation. The circled area shows some of the more culturally vibrant areas around inner Sydney, and all of these areas are also serviced well by public transport. If you just want a great hotel with a splendid view of Sydney Harbour, try the North Sydney Harbourview Hotel. Alternatively, check out Airbnb, which has loads of awesome options.

Where can I find a map of the Macquarie University campus?
Here. You’ll find searchable as well as downloadable maps there.